Jake Paul计划在拳击比赛中“深水”中“淹死”蒂龙·伍德利

前UFC威尔特重量级冠军Tyron Woodley将框youtube个性和演员转过身专业拳击手杰克保罗8月28日在一个节目时间推广比赛。


“My pro fights haven’t lasted long, but in sparring, I love taking my opponents into deep waters and drowning them with my overwhelming cardio, consistency, and precise punch selection… Soon we will see how well Tyron can swim,” Paul posted on hisInstagram帐户

Dana White Picts Tyron Woodley到拳击比赛中的Ko Jake Paul

科尔比Covington:'我认为Tyron Woodley将潜入杰克保罗'

Jake Paul VS Tyron Woodley面对面视频